Yogi Bear Promotes Camping

Friday evening I took my family to Opening Night of the new Yogi Bear movie. It was the second highest grossing movie of the weekend, which is very impressive for a movie aimed at younger children. It grossed $16,705,000 the first weekend and was in 3,515 theaters. It out-performed The Chronicles of Narnia (which has been in theaters for a few weeks), which came in at $12,400,000 in 3,555 theaters. I thought the movie was very good and will educate another generation about Yogi Bear and how fun Jellystone Park can be. It should provide a very nice boost to all the Yogi Bear franchisees. I also think it will encourage non-campers to try camping, especially in rental units of some type. Many Yogi Bear franchisees brought Yogi and BooBoo to theaters and used the event to run contests for free camping, distribute special camping offers, and generally promote their parks. Share your comments on the movie and its potential effect on promoting camping. Also, tell us about any creative marketing efforts you know of related to the movie.