Real Estate Services

Sales: What steps do you take when you would like to sell?

When is the right time to sell your campground or RV park? Are there actions that are advantageous for you to take when the plan is to sell now or a few years from now? Let VDM Consulting Group, Inc. help you prepare your property for sale. VDM Consulting Group Inc. does not list properties for sale, so we can give you unbiased advice concerning the advantages and disadvantages of selling your real estate or business at this time versus some later time.

Acquisitions: Purchase the right property at the right price.

Whether it is an income property, or a business opportunity property, we have the experience to find the right property for you. Our team has done hundreds of transactions totaling well over $200,000,000. Purchasing the right property and structuring the transaction properly is a crucial part of having a successful purchase.

1031 Exchanges: Postpone taxes on the sale of your business.

When you sell real estate, consideration should be given to deferring the taxable consequences of the sale by a properly structured 1031 real estate exchange. Let VDM Consulting Group, Inc. help you understand the pluses and minuses of these transactions. If the sale of your business is a vehicle to purchasing your next business, a 1031 exchange is often very advantageous. If it is the time to retire or semi-retire, purchasing a low-risk, low management, income property can be very attractive. Buildings with long-term net leases with major companies are available and can become part of a retirement plan investment strategy. There are strict rules concerning the timing and the structuring of these types of transactions. If you are contemplating a sale in the next year or two, you should start now planning as to how you will invest the proceeds of the sale and understand the merits of purchasing replacement real estate in a 1031 exchange transaction as part of your overall re-investment strategy. We can provide that information at no cost to you, and assist you in a transaction if that is advantageous for you.


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