Purchase an Expanded Market Rate Analysis Report

Purchase an Expanded Industry Analysis Report, available for just $50 (with a $10 discount if you get a code off our Facebook page), and we will send you an expanded package of information including:

  • National US or Canada Report
  • Regional Report
  • Your State Report
  • List of all campgrounds in your state or province sorted by rating and rate
  • Number of campgrounds and number of campsites in your state or province as well as average rating and average rate
  • The average annual campground rate increases which have occurred in the contiguous United States, your region and your state or province over the last year and over the last ten years
  • Ranges of maximum occupancy per site or rental unit based on the latitude of your property
  • Step-by-step guide on how to use this information to set rates for your campground or RV park

Download a sample Expanded Industry Analysis here.


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