Campground Owners' Business Advisor

Vol. 1 Issue 1
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Solutions Based on Analysis and Experience

What Rates Do Other Campgrounds Charge?

Rates are a key factor in affecting the value and the cash flow of your business. Rates that are too high can discourage customers from visiting your park. Rates that are too low result in decreased revenue for your business. To help you... Read more


How Do You Set Your Rates?

Once you understand your position within the marketplace in which you operate, set your rates objectively to maximize the value and the cash flow of your business. Use the following steps to eliminate the emotional turmoil often involved in setting your rates each year.

Step One:
Obtain a marketplace rate analysis for... Read more


True or False: Your Woodall's® Rating is Affected by Your Advertising Purchase?

VDM Consulting Group decided to examine this issue.  We chose four different states, comprising over 400 campgrounds, involving four different inspectors, and examined the affect of purchasing advertising on a change in rating.  Of the thirteen parks that increased their ad size... Read More


Does Your Website Work? Cross Browser Compatibility Issues.

  • Does your website work with the major desktop browsers?
  • Does your website work with the top mobile browsers?
  • What browsers should you be compatible with?

Accessing the Internet is becoming far more diverse than ever.  In addition to desktops and laptops, we now have the mobile devices of iPhones... Click Here


Business Plan Package: $4,000 plus travel exp.

Prior to April 1, 2010, get $500 off.

A four year plan including:

  • Identifying keys to growth
  • Identifying best use of undeveloped property
  • Capital projects for each year
  • Rate plan
  • Marketing strategies to support plan
  • Financing plan to implement business plan

Includes a two-day site visit.


Website Upgrade Package

$2600 for a limited time

  • Update Your Existing Website Code
  • Implement a Content Management System
  • No Need for a Complete Rebuild of your Website!

Ed Van Der Molen is an engineer who began his career as a research scientist, then left the engineering world and took his analytical skills into the business world. He has been the owner of businesses in the service industry, electronic manufacturing, construction, and the resort industry. He has owned multiple camping resorts and has been a consultant in that industry for more than ten years. He currently heads the graduate program of the National School of RV Parks and Campgrounds. Ed has received numerous industry awards for his achievements in his own business and for his assistance in working with others in helping them make their businesses excel. Ed's main focus is on business and development plans for campgrounds and RV parks, and he works as a buyer’s broker for those seeking to purchase a campground or RV park.

Being heavily involved in technology his whole life, Matt attended Columbia College to truly hone his skills in the use of computers for audio and video production, and graphic arts fields. His primary work experience in the campground industry was at Jellystone Park in Warrens, Wisconsin, and the park grew to revenue in excess of $4,500,000 while Matt was employed there. Matt was in charge of a complete overhaul and redesign of the website that resulted in increased ease of navigation through the site; dramatically increased traffic; increased on-line reservations; and made a significant impact on the site's search engine optimization. As his client list grows in this industry, he has taken many parks’ websites and to a level specifically focusing on quality graphic design, content management, and cross browser compatibility. Matt is now sought after for his knowledge not only of the industry, but his technical and design skills as well.

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