Back to School

From February 22 to 27, I will be at the Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, West Virginia, teaching at the National School of RV Park and Campground Management. I believe this school is the premier educational opportunity in the industry. The school has a two-year undergraduate program. When you complete those two years, you earn your CPO designation. There is a graduate program which is an intensive process of how to make the strategic decisions, as part of a business planning process, to increase the value and cash flow of your business. This is the program that I and others initiated several years ago. To be part of the graduate program, you must either have completed the first two years of the school, or you must have owned or been an employee in the industry for ten years. Being in the industry as an owner or an employee for ten years is a new rule which allows seasoned operators to go directly to this class. Registration for the school this year is running well ahead of the last two years. Space is limited so make your decision as soon as you are able. More information concerning the school and scholarships are available at . Tim and Robyn Chilson, students in last year's graduate class, wrote in part:

"We came away from the graduate school program with a thorough understanding of business planning, categorizing projects, financing projects, setting rates, and more. The graduate school will forever change the way we operate our park."

I would of course be happy to answer questions you might have concerning the school.  Or feel free to share your experiences if you have attended the school in the past.